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About Dr. Anodyne

Dr. Tyler Anodyne has over 15 years of experience as a neurologist. As a graduate of Emory University in Georgia, he has worked and studied with some of the country’s greatest physicians, and he specializes in headache research. After he started giving the same resources to patients presenting to him with migraines and headaches, he decided to start this blog so that he could spread this information out to the masses on the internet.

Dr. Anodyne makes it his goal and mission in life to help his patients with migraines and headaches. One of his deepest passions is to help his patients to find a solution for their headaches, and he has dedicated himself to doing research to eliminate headaches.

Please note that while all of the information on this website is valid and written by Dr. Anodyne, you should never take it as the only medical advice for your situation. If you are dealing with migraines or headaches of your own, please see your doctor. He or she will be much more familiar with all of the unique circumstances in your history and your life, and he or she will be able to customize a treatment plan to your specific needs.